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Top Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs

Looking for some of the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs? Well the proof is in the data. Today I will be showing you five of the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs for January of 2022 and I will also share with you why they are the top zip codes in Colorado Springs. This blog has been transcribed from the video, so to get the best experience, feel free to watch click play.

Hi it’s Iris with eXp, helping you make your move so you can start building wealth through homeownership in Colorado Springs! Just want to give a huge shout out to you for liking this video and to Rob Thompson over at The Agency for always providing such helpful housing stats for us. So this first chart you’re going to see shows all the zip codes that are the top five zip codes in El Paso County. As always I will have a link below with a list of homes for sale in each neighborhood so check that out so you can see what the homes look like. But make sure you stay until the end where I explain some of the characteristics of these neighborhoods that make them the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs.


The first neighborhood on the list of best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs is in the zip code 80831. This area covers Peyton, Falcon, a small portion of Black Forest, and Eastonville. So if we look here on the map we will see this zip code covers all these northeast neighborhoods. You can see where Colorado Springs is in comparison. So pretty much north of highway 94 and along highway 24. This area is more rural the further east you go and further away from the mountains and wooded areas into more flat plains making it a bit windier since there’s not enough trees to block the wind.


The second neighborhood on the list of best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs is the 80925 zip code. So here is the sort of main part of Colorado Springs right, Colorado Springs proper and the 80925 zip code is just southeast of there. There is a ton of land still undeveloped in this area and I wouldn’t doubt that homes will start popping up even more in this part of the city. These homes are newer as the development is newer. Aspen View Homes and Saint Aubyn Homes are a couple of your major builders out here and these houses were tastefully put together.


The third neighborhood on the list of best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs is the zip code 80911. In this map you will see what area this zip code covers. This area is further south and southeast of Colorado Springs. This neighborhood has a mixture of older homes and new construction. As you get closer to Security the homes are older and the neighborhood is more established. You have more shops and restaurants, and the further east you go is where you’ll find newer homes. They have their own post office as well.


The fourth neighborhood on the list of best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs is the zip code 80917. Let’s head over to the map to understand the location of this neighborhood. We call this Fountain. It’s actually a suburb of Colorado Springs. I have a couple videos on this area that I’ll link below if you want to learn more about this suburb. It’s military friendly with schools on Fort Carson Army Base so you can live, work and be all in one place. This neighborhood has a really community focused vibe that many people appreciate, especially if you’re military and just passing through.


The fifth and final best neighborhood in Colorado Springs is in the top zip code of 80923. This neighborhood is northeast Colorado Springs, so right here in this area. This is a great location and has awesome walkability meaning everything you need is within walking distance. There’s so many restaurants right there on the northeast corner of Dublin and Powers. Let me grab my little eyes on the ground friend so we can see, how cute are these homes? We should give this guy a name. He’s always helping me with my maps. What do you think we should name him? I also have a neighborhood driving tour of this area that I’ll link below as well so you can see more of what that neighborhood looks like.

What makes these zip codes the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs?

Now, let’s circle back on what makes these neighborhoods the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs and the top five zip codes for January of 2022. So the commonality of these top zip codes in Colorado Springs is the affordability in relationship to the median home price of $445,000. And by the way, this number is down from December about $5,000, but up 15.6% from January of last year. These homes are affordable, but it’s also important to think about availability. There are many different factors to consider when it comes to these statistics. Some neighborhoods have a lower turnover rate than others. There may be more homes squeezed in there to create a larger pool of homes for sale. So, in this data represented here, we’re looking at the zip codes that had the most number of sales in January of 2022 compared to all zip codes. If you want more information on these neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, feel free to shoot me a text or email and I’ll be happy to clarify or elaborate for you, or let me know what you think in the comments. If you liked this video, you might want to watch this playlist next on the different Colorado Springs neighborhoods.

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