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Top 5 Reasons Why Colorado Springs is a Good Place to Live

Many people thinking about moving to Colorado Springs may be wondering if Colorado Springs is a good place to live? As a resident of the city, I've experienced life here and how it's changed and grown over the years. So, in this video I share about our very own Colorado Springs Airport and my experience with DIA, and why I don't like it anymore, the growth in our city, what it's like living in a military town, and jobs in Colorado Springs. Hopefully this gives you a bit of an idea of what living in Colorado Springs is like.

Colorado Springs Airport

Today I'm gonna be sharing with you the top five reasons why Colorado Springs is one of the best places to live. All right, so the first thing that makes Colorado Springs a great place to live is the fact that we have our own airport. Now, this is really meaningful to me because I've always spent my time driving up to the Denver airport. Even though I live here in Colorado Springs, and there's an airport literally 20 minutes from my house, I felt like I was gonna save some money, drive to Denver, and pay the parking fees.

So we parked in the garage just in case it hailed or something, and just 'cause we felt like

our car was going to be safer if we parked it in the garage. So, that was probably about $35 a day. Of course, your gas and your time to drive up to the Denver airport, and so you have to be really careful sometimes when you're driving. You can't be speeding because there are a lot of cops out there, but with all the problems going on with the flights, and the strikes, and the

airline staff shortage, and just all the craziness and the chaos, driving to Denver seems a lot

less appealing these days.

And I'll tell you why. Recently, I went to visit my father in Puerto Rico, and so I went to Denver and my flight was delayed. My flight was scheduled to leave just a little bit after midnight. It got delayed several times, so I'm sitting there in the Denver airport freezing 'cause it's cold. It was probably one of the worst experiences that I had in my entire life.

So I kept getting all these text messages about the flight being delayed. It ended up being

delayed till the morning, and then till five o'clock that evening, and I just started getting anxiety because I didn't wanna sit in an airport for another, I don't know, eight hours. I mean, my husband had just dropped me off, and so I was basically stuck out there.

And if you were to try and get a rental at the last minute, it was pretty much impossible unless you wanted to pay $600 to $800 to rent it, so I ended up going to the car rental. I took a little shuttle down to the rental spot. I spent all that time getting the rental car, and they told me that it was gonna be $600 to rent it for one day, just so I can go get a hotel, which I couldn't find one that was cheaper than $200 for a night.

So there I am $800 in because I had nowhere to go, and I didn't wanna sleep in the airport, or be in the airport, not another minute because I was so upset and distraught. Yeah, I know, first world problems, but here I am, upset about being in the airport. Nothing was open. There was no food, so I couldn't eat, so I hadn't eaten in a very long time.

So I ended up grabbing an Uber as soon as the sun came up and I paid about $150 to Uber back home. Then I took a shuttle back to Denver to catch my flight, which I believe was delayed, but not very long. Just maybe 20 minutes delayed.

So needless to say, I will definitely be flying from Colorado Springs. Had I left from the Springs airport, if I were to be delayed, then I could just drive home, and then drive back or get dropped off, or Ubered, or have someone come get me.

Qualify of Life

So the second thing that's amazing about living in Colorado Springs is our quality of life. We have great air. We have trees. We have mountains. We have all these different things that you can do that keep you healthy, hiking, trails, and things like that. It has made us one of the most healthy cities in the US. We have clean air. Every time you're looking outside, everything is just so bright and crisp and sunny. For the most part, it's just beautiful outside. Generally have mild weather and mild snow throughout the year.

Military Town

The next thing that makes Colorado Springs a good place to live is that we have such a strong military presence here in our city. It's just so nice to see the military here in our town. We appreciate our military so much. We get to see their aircraft flying above, and the kids just love it. It's so exciting. It just makes you feel patriotic, and kind of makes you feel a bit safe.

Hiring in Colorado Springs

The next reason why Colorado Springs is a great place to live is that we have a lot of big companies that are here. Amazon just moved here. We have Focus on the Family, so there's a lot of job opportunities, and our city is continually growing. A lot of people are hiring now, so there's definitely a lot of jobs available. Seems as though almost everyone is hiring.

Colorado Springs Room to Grow

The last thing that makes Colorado Springs a great place to live is that we're still growing. There's so much land that is still undeveloped. We have expanded so much just in the last few years, but we're continuously building homes, growing to the east of us, growing to the south. You've got new communities such as the Farm up north of Colorado Springs.

There's just constant building, which can tend to be a con 'cause there's always construction going on, but it's just such a great place to live. A lot of people are moving here and loving it.

So anyway, thanks for visiting today!

If you need help finding a house, reach out to me.

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