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Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Best Trails in Colorado Springs

Red Rock Canyon Open Space is one of the best trails in Colorado Springs. The reason it's the best trail for hiking is that aside from the glorious beauty within, it's perfect for everyone and all ages. From toddlers, to elderly, to those with disabilities. The trail is very wide, but not too steep. It's a great trail for beginners, too! Just grab yourself a bottle of water and have clothing layers, podcast ready, and go.

Hiking Trails Near Me!

This hiking trail is very close to you if you live in Colorado Springs or Manitou Springs. That's the other thing that's nice about this trail. You don't have to go too far into the mountains to get the trees and fresh air feel. It's right here in town. It's located at 3550 W High Street. So, if you're heading towards the mountains (aka head west) on Cimarron, it'll be on your left. There's limited parking, so the earlier, the better.

Things to do in Colorado Springs

If you're at Red Rock Canyon, consider bringing your bike along. There is an area for bikes with ramps. Check out the beginning of the video to see what it looks like. You can also rock climb (beginner friendly) off the trail. There are plenty of outhouse toilets. Just don't forget your sanitizer just in case! There's loads of shade with all the trees around the trail so it's not super hot, but always bring ice water and stay hydrated. Bring your sunscreen as well.

Red Rock Canyon Trails

Many of the frustrations from locals of those that visit or move to Colorado Springs is that sometimes some people don't take great care of our city. There's so much more trash all over our beautiful city than ever before. It used to be much cleaner. So, when you're out there, please stay on the trails, pick up after your dog, and keep trash with you or toss in the appropriate bins inside of a tied bag, preferably, if possible. There are plenty of animals that are on the trails and in the grass. Please, don't walk on the grass or leave the trails. This area is still being reclaimed or restored. Let's keep it clean and beautiful!

There are several different trails to consider. Feel free to download the Red Rock Canyon Trail map here. I haven't even begun to see everything as many times as I've been here.

To see our hike up the rocks where Native Americans lived, click here. So cool!

This is one of my favorites hikes to walk. Mostly because it's incredible and easy to do, but also because I have great memories here. Hiking with my brother...walking with my husband. My husband and I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself trying to figure out how to climb up this rock formation to get a better view. We were struggling. Like sweating, grunting, etc. We were there for what seemed like forever trying to get up this rock. Then, another couple came up and said "yeah, we usually just use the stairs" and we look over to the left and yes, there were steps going up to the where we were trying to go. I still laugh about it today. How much effort we were putting into something that was actually super easy.

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