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PROS & CONS of Living in Colorado Springs CO

Let's chat about the UPDATED pros and cons of living in Colorado Springs CO. Things are going to be so different in 2023. We have a lot of transplants. We'll talk about things to hate about living in Colorado Springs and will that outweigh the things to love?

Top PROS AND CONS of Living in Colorado Springs CO. I absolutely LOVE living in Colorado Springs CO, but it's not for everyone. This is my honest review of Colorado Springs CO after being raised here and raising my family here.

Living in Colorado Springs Pro

So many people love living in Colorado Springs for the mountain views and the nature and outdoor lifestyle. When you can go hiking and biking pretty much almost every day, it just feels good for your soul. People like the city vibe while being able to feel like they're on vacation as well and hide in comfort of their homes when the day is done.

Colorado Springs Communities

Living in Colorado Springs has many perks including our tight knit communities. Almost everyone knows everyone else if you're a native. The military community is big here and we love our soldiers! Have you ever lived in a city where really cool military aircraft and vehicles are often visible? The kids love it. Feels so patriotic. So if you're military, you'll fit right in.

Traffic in Colorado Springs

I remember the moment when the traffic in Colorado Springs changed. I went from freely changing lanes to having to actually plan my route strategically so I didn't miss my exits or turns. It feels different now to have to be such a defensive and organized driver these days, but for being the second largest city in Colorado, I guess I can't complain. It could be worse!

Restaurants in Colorado Springs

The food culture in Colorado Springs has changed greatly for the better! So many new restaurants have popped up and I'm here for it! The food trucks out here are fantastic and not super expensive. If you're a foodie I post a lot on Instagram. You can follow here as well as the #coloradospringsfoodie to learn all the best spots to eat in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs Weather

The Colorado Springs weather is beautiful. Although I hate being cold, I can appreciate that most days are sunny here. Average temperature during the winter is usually between 40 and 50 degrees. As long as the wind is "chill" I can handle it. Some people love cold weather, I prefer spring and summer. You do get all seasons here, so that's great. I do wish we had more moisture.

Houses in Colorado Springs

The homes in Colorado Springs are super cute. We have a variety. If you like cabin feel or modern, we have it all. With lots of new construction updating homes, you're sure to find a house you can live in forever. Many of the homes will give you mountain views and mature trees, but the further west you go, the prettier the mountains, especially Garden of the Gods, Broadmoor, and Manitou Springs areas. Check those homes out in this video → Top Luxury Homes

The Keys 🗝️

Colorado Springs is a great place to live if you love all four seasons (including cold), mild weather, a variety of homes (outdated or country vibe, too), bad traffic sometimes, good food, incredible views, and amazing communities. Just keep in mind the altitude, cold and dry weather and you'll be good!

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