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New Construction Homes in South Colorado Springs

New construction homes are popping up in the south part of Colorado Springs! These homes are close to Peterson Space Force Base and the Colorado Springs Airport as well as just minutes away from Amazon.

How much does it cost to build a house in south Colorado Springs?

This depends on your upgrades. The starting base price for Richmond Homes in south Colorado Springs is mid $400s. This can be 1400+ square feet and at least 2 bedrooms. You may be spending closer to $550k for a 3 bedroom home in this area, realistically. But we can always schedule a time to go out and pick your designs to see what the price point will be. There's options. Just email me at

Map View of New Construction Homes in South Colorado Springs
Location of New Construction Homes in South Colorado Springs

What is being built in south Colorado Springs

This blog is about a new neighborhood off south Powers and Bradley, south of the new Amazon warehouse. The builders are Aspen View Homes and Richmond Homes. You can check out their availability on their websites.

• Richmond Homes

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How long does it take to build a house in Colorado Springs?

Some homes can take four months. When you're building with well reputable builders, you can be in your new home within 6 months. With lumber and materials shortages and people getting sick and having to stay home for weeks, that can stall production. I've seen clients wait over a year for their new construction homes. You may be able to find a cheaper new build, but it's likely that you'll get what you pay for, unfortunately. Proceed with caution.




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