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How Much House Can I Afford?

Have you ever stopped to think about how much house you can afford? In my mind before I bought my first house (I used a first time homebuyer program, btw), I used to think you had to have the money full cash forward to buy a home. I had no idea you could have a monthly mortgage payment that was equivalent or less than rent.

Buying a home in Colorado Springs was seriously so much easier than I thought! Although the Colorado Springs Housing Market is much different now, the process of buying a home is still pretty much the same. In this video you can take a beforehand look to see if you can afford a mortgage. Use the mortgage calculator to find your monthly payment on my website. Just select the property you're interested in and scroll to the bottom where the mortgage calculator circle is, and type in the numbers.

Can I afford a house?

Try it yourself! Click on this link and then search the home you are interested in, then just fill in the information and boom. Out pops your monthly estimated payment. Dave Ramsey would be proud. (We're fans.)

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