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Stunning Homes For Sale With Mountain Views in Colorado Springs

Looking for homes for sale with mountain views in Colorado? I live in a beautiful city in Colorado with the best Colorado mountain views you can find while living just minutes away from the city. So, you get all the city amenities and city vibe like shopping and movie theaters with plenty of fun things to do, but you can also feel like you’re still in the Colorado mountains and sip coffee from your deck while marveling at God’s creation. I’ll be sharing my top three neighborhoods with mountain views in Colorado and I’ve saved the best for last!

Hey I’m Iris and I sell homes here in incredible Colorado Springs, Colorado. My goal today is to help you find a home in Colorado with mountain views so you can live the life you’ve always wanted right in the middle of mighty mountains and the city. And these mountains look even more amazing when there’s snow on top. There are other places that have mountain views in Colorado such as Woodland Park or Crestone, but you don’t have access to the city and I think that’s why people love Colorado Springs so much because you can have both. So to make the most of these Colorado mountain views, you are going to want a house where either the front of the home like the front porch or the back deck of the home is facing west. This will allow you to enjoy the views while relaxing, entertaining, or just reading a book and getting lost in nature. The great thing about having those Colorado mountain views access is that you can also watch the sunset.

Colorado Home with Mountain Views
Back Deck in the Mountains

So if you’re barbecuing with friends or family, having a glass of wine at the end of a long work day, or you’re one of those people who love the outdoor vibe in general, you get to see the sun go down behind those purple mountains, too! Not a bad situation in my opinion. I know for myself, I have views of the mountains and they never cease to amaze me. They look so different each time I notice them it seems. And in different settings like fall or spring, that’s when they really come alive for me. The colors just make me feel in awe of the beauty of creation. In Colorado Springs, you can live almost anywhere to get the mountain views. However, there are several specific neighborhoods I want to share with you today where you can get up close and personal with mountain views in Colorado. I will also link a description below this video so you can also have access to the homes for sale in Colorado Springs with mountain views. Now, I’ve saved the best for last so make sure you stay all the way to the end.

The first neighborhood with homes for sale with mountain views in Colorado is Northgate.

Northgate is an ever popular and fast growing newer neighborhood in Colorado Springs. I recently showed a home in this area. Take a look at the stunning views of the mountains and if you’re lucky you can also see Academy Air Force Base as well. This specific home sits up on somewhat of a hill so you can see everything. You’re close to restaurants and shopping. You’ve got a Scheels and In & Out burger within minutes. You can eat sushi or shop at Target. This is a fast growing neighborhood in Colorado Springs, but of course at this price point it’s less affordable. Most of these neighborhoods are going to be on the higher end, but with Colorado mountain views, it’s no question why.

The second neighborhood with homes for sale with mountain views in Colorado is Mountain Shadows. The Mountain Shadows neighborhood is near the Garden of Gods area just northwest of Colorado Springs actually, and these homes are highly desirable because of all the mountains and trees around the area. The homes here in the neighborhood were built in the 90s and you can find magical views off large decks on almost all the homes here because they sit high on a giant hill. You will also often find deer and other animals which can either be a pleasant surprise or a nuisance if you’re trying to grow flowers or not wanting to clean up animal messes here and there. Homes for sale in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood run about $550,000 all the way up to over $1,000,000. And depending on which house you buy, you can likely see the whole city from your back deck and enjoy the mountain views from the front porch.

The third neighborhood with homes for sale with mountain views in Colorado is Garden of the Gods area or the 80907 zip code. If you’re looking for views to slap you in the face every morning, this is it. These high end homes make you feel like you’re one with nature. It’s a spiritual experience to live up in the Garden of the Gods area. These incredible Colorado mountain views can’t be explained. You just have to see it. These homes are close to $1million and up. You have the Visitor & Nature Center nearby as well as the Garden of the Gods Resort. If you just want a taste of what it could be like to live here, visit the resort and spend a night or two for your next getaway, even if you’re local!

The final and favorite neighborhood with homes for sale with mountain views in Colorado is the Broadmoor. Further southwest in Colorado Springs you will find incredible mountain views from the historic Broadmoor area. Now these homes can get really pricey as this neighborhood is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Colorado Springs for the mountain views and the beautiful trees surrounding these homes. Depending on the lot, you can see the entire city from your house as well. These luxurious properties come with acreage and a hefty price tag with homes sold in the last 180 days of up to $8,000,000. You can get over 17,000 square feet and a ton of garages if that’s your thing. What makes this area popular is the Broadmoor Hotel and its global history. Now according to historic hotels of America, the Broadmoor Hotel was constructed during the international conflict of 1914 to 1918.

moving to Colorado Springs

So many people came here to cure tuberculosis. Tuberculosis was the nation’s leading cause of death at the time and humidity made the cough worse in your lungs. So because of our dry climate and higher altitude, more sunny skies, we became “the world’s sanatorium.” So Willie Wilcox came to find a cure and a fortune. He bought land at the base of Cheyenne Mountain and established a small dairy farm even though he had no experience with animals. Willie then hooked up with Count Pourtales, a Prussian guy looking for money and romance and thus created an upper class suburb of Colorado Springs with the best amenities.

They tried to do other things like a casino, but that burned down and didn’t work out. They made the casino a private boarding school instead. So much history in this Broadmoor area. Entrepreneurship is not for the weak. In spring of 1916, Spencer Penrose took over and started a resort. He spent two million dollars to build it out which would be equivalent to over $34 million today. Major players like Rockefeller and Franklin D Roosevelt stayed in this world class hotel. So though some of the homes here may be older, you’re also buying history. Not to mention the world famous Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is close by and other state parks that make this place one of the nation’s most prestigious and historic places.

Feeding giraffes at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

As I mentioned before, you can really find a home pretty much anywhere in Colorado Springs with mountain views. But, anything west of the I-25 highway will get you stunning views where you’re just in awe. If you want to learn more about Broadmoor Bluffs homes, watch this video next and I’ll see you next week! Check the description box for homes for sale in these areas with Colorado mountain views and more history about the Broadmoor, click subscribe and buy a house with me! Grab a free relocation guide as well.

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