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Fountain Colorado (Colorado Springs Suburb) Is Fountain a nice place to live? 🤔

Fountain Colorado is a Colorado Springs Suburb located just south of Colorado Springs in El Paso County, Colorado in the 80817 zip code in Fountain Fort Carson School District 8. If you’re wondering if Fountain is a nice place to live, you’ve come to the right place. Many people who are moving or PCSing to Fort Carson Army Base may find themselves inquiring about moving to or living in Fountain, Colorado. People are also looking for just a more affordable neighborhood to live in besides Colorado Springs. In this video I talk about the location of Fountain, parks, restaurants, and things to do in Fountain so don’t forget to check out the information below for more about Fountain, Colorado.

PCSing or Moving to Fort Carson?

Many people who are moving or PCSing to Fort Carson Army Base may find themselves inquiring about moving to or living in Fountain, Colorado. If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place! This video has all the details about living in Fountain, Colorado so that you can decide for yourself if living in Fountain, Colorado is a nice place to live for you!

Fountain, Colorado is a municipality that is a suburb located just south of Colorado Springs in El Paso County, Colorado. Fountain’s population was just over 29,000 in 2020 but had increased over 15% since the Census in 2010. This is an ever growing neighborhood that has gained some popularity over the years with its affordability and community vibe. Fountain living consists of country style and urban amenities with small town character...definitely a unique place! This neighborhood has incredible views of Pikes Peak and the Front Range and rolling hills, plenty of parks, trails, and a history of agriculture.

Fountain, Colorado can be easily accessed from I-25 south and Powers Blvd, also known as highway 21. If you’re heading east you can jump onto Colorado 21 to go towards the airport or towards Peterson Air Force Base. Fountain Fort Carson’s school district 8 is highly accommodating to military families with many schools on the Fountain Army Base. It’s about a 14 minute drive to Colorado Springs and an 18 minute drive to downtown Colorado Springs if you take I-25.

All About Fountain, Colorado

Fountain has quite a unique history. Founded in 1859, settlers arrived in covered wagons and sprouted cattle and dairy farms that grew cherries, beans, corn, grain, sugar beets, and alfalfa. Those irrigation ditches are still active today. With roots tracing back to the Ute Indians, Jimmy Camp Creek and Fountain Creek are historically meaningful to the bedrock of this town. The city of Fountain has its own government and is very active in the community. You’ll find police officers chatting with residents and helping out wherever they can. As a former District 8 employee, it stood out to me that they were always available and helpful around the schools and events. Fountain also has their own post office and it is the oldest one in the County.

Fountain is a fast growing community. With its affordability and small town vibe with city features like shopping and things to do, Fountain is a great place to live. Everyone who moves here wants to see those Colorado mountain views and Fountain has them. Check out this map of all the shops and stores in the area. There are several parks including a splash pad, and one of the parks has horse stables, which I think is neat. John Metcalf Park is a popular park where farmer’s markets are held as well as car shows, kids’ baseball and many other events. Fountain borders the Widefield neighborhood, has one high school, several schools on base such as Weikel Elementary school and Carson Middle school. Oftentimes you might hear loud booming sounds that can be intimidating, but it’s just the Army Base training.

Homes in Fountain, Colorado

Homes in the neighborhood are affordable. As you can see here there are several townhomes under $300k, and homes are around $300. But many of these are already under contract so it’s still a pretty competitive area. I’ll leave a link below this video so you can browse homes for sale in Fountain. Some parts of Fountain are more walkable than others. The closer you live to Safeway, the more walkable. You’ll find popular restaurants like Chick-fil-A, Noodles & Company, and everything else you need within walking distance. Property taxes can be high in certain areas depending on what area you choose to live in. Some of the neighborhoods and schools are much newer, so those taxes are higher. It’s interesting how funny the weather can be depending on what part of town you’re in. The mountains make it weird for us. So it can be perfectly mild and beautiful in Fountain, but blizzard-like in the northeast part of town.

Living out in Fountain, Colorado is a great place to live because living here gives you access to everything living in Colorado Springs has to offer. You have access to grocery stores, restaurants, great schools and plenty of outdoor things to do.

For a free list of available homes in the Fountain neighborhood, click here. If you want to see more footage of Fountain, Colorado, watch this video next. My name is Iris, REALTOR® with RE/MAX Integrity in beautiful Colorado Springs! Do you know anyone who would benefit from these neighborhood videos? Please share with a friend or family members and I’ll see you next week!



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