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Fall Gnome Craft

I've never been a big fan of gnomes, although I used to watch that gnome cartoon as a kid. But, these fall gnomes are super cute! You can get the cut file by clicking here.

I used Oracle 631 vinyl, just because I happened to have it. I painted the woodblock I got for free on Facebook Marketplace. I painted it brown first, let it dry, then went over with about 3 coats of white to get that rustic look.

I cut the vinyl and weeded the part I wanted to paint. I used acrylic paint and created a gradient look by partially mixing paint and using brush strokes across in a single swipe motion. I'm not sure if these are correct terms, but hopefully you can get a picture of what I mean mentally! This was a fun cute project that my daughter loved!

Get the Free Fall Gnome Cut File SVG

Also, shop the 10 SVG files for $10 sale and get 10% off with the SVG coupon "freebie"! Happy crafting!

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