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Buying a House in 2021 | Why are homes selling so fast?

Buying a house in 2021 has been challenging and a bit tricky! The market is always changing, right? Why are homes selling so fast? When you couple historic low rates and a pandemic, apparently you get a housing crisis! People are wanting more space during the pandemic. We've learned to use our home for more than just eating and sleeping.

People need home offices, home gyms, and a bit more space to do all these things without feeling cramped. If you are buying a house for the first time, you definitely must watch! So, what does it take to buy a house in 2021? A lot more cash, patience, and imperfection.

Check out this non-comprehensive "buying a house" checklist of things you need to do to buy a home. Start searching for homes in Colorado Springs on my mobile app. Learn things like drive time to and from work, use the mortgage calculator to budget your new loan, or just browse homes in Cimarron Hills or Fort Carson maybe? Just hop on my website now or:

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