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Broadmoor Bluffs in Colorado Springs| Colorado Springs Neighborhoods

Broadmoor Bluffs is located in the Broadmoor area of southwest Colorado Springs just off Highway 115 and Broadmoor Bluffs Drive. When you exit I-25 towards Highway 115 you will find Broadmoor Bluffs Park and Oak Meadows Park inside its boundaries. This Colorado Springs Neighborhood is conveniently located near shops, local coffee dine-in, entertainment, The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, The famous Broadmoor Hotel, Cheyenne Mountain State Park, and so much more. Broadmoor Bluffs is close to Interstate-25 so if you need to zip up to Downtown Colorado Springs, Denver or Pueblo, it’s a simple route. Downtown Colorado Springs is just a 15 minute drive.

Why Broadmoor Bluffs?

One of the biggest reasons why this neighborhood is so popular is its mature trees and incredible mountain views. This neighborhood sits on a hill. You can practically see the entire city from up here. You’ve got the mountains behind you so either way you’re going to get views that make you forget all your worries!

Things To Do Near Broadmoor Bluffs

My favorite thing to do near Broadmoor Bluffs is definitely the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. I love it so much, I recently bought a season pass for some out of state clients of mine and they were thrilled! You get a beautiful zoo with the same mature trees so it’s like hiking with the animals in the mountains. This 140 acre zoological park is the highest zoo in America (text on screen: no pun intended, I promise!) at 6,714 feet above sea level. You need to get your tickets in advance and don’t forget to add on the Mountaineer Sky Ride! I’ll link more info about Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in the comments section of this video. Everyone needs an e-ticket, even the babies so make sure you get enough tickets. They sell out quickly. Pricing for tickets will also be linked in the comments section of this video.

Another highly rated attraction near Broadmoor Bluffs is the Cheyenne Mountain State Park. This Colorado State Park was acquired in 2020 and is just 6 minutes away from Broadmoor Bluffs. You can go camping, hike on trails, do yoga in the mountains, sit at a picnic table and grill, play at the park, bike, hike, ride your horse, or just sit and stare at the views. My mom’s church has service and barbecues at this very park every year minus the COVID seasons. The park is huge. There is a daily vehicle pass fee of $9 at the time of this video. Try and book at least 6 months ahead because this place is popular.

PCSing to Fort Carson, Colorado?

Lastly for this video is that Fort Carson is just 8 minutes away from Broadmoor Bluffs. So if you are PCSing to Colorado Springs this is a great neighborhood for you to live in. You’ve got the highly rated, award winning Cheyenne Mountain School District 12 in the Broadmoor Bluffs neighborhood. You have the highly rated Tinseltown movie theatre with multiple screens, stadium seats & self-service ticketing kiosks nearby. You have salons, restaurants, Quail Lake, hotels, healthcare facilities, breakfast restaurants (see map link in description) could literally never have to leave this area if you didn’t want to. Everything you need is under a 20 minute drive away. The walkability of this area isn’t high, so if you prefer walking everywhere and ditching the car, I’ll leave a link for homes in more walkable areas.

Homes For Sale in Broadmoor Bluffs

Living out in Broadmoor Bluffs is a great place to live because living here gives you access to everything living in Colorado Springs has to offer. You have great access to grocery stores and shopping malls. You can still go outside and enjoy living in Colorado Springs by hiking in the mountains. You just have to remember to get out there because I know for myself living here, I tend to forget all the fun things to do in our city.

For a free list of available homes in the Broadmoor Bluffs neighborhood, check out the links below If you’re a dog lover, there’s this amazing dog park with similar views. You can learn more about this park on this video here!

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