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Baby Alive Diapers

Okay, so my daughter has like, an unhealthy amount of Baby Alive dolls. She loves playing with them. She loves playing classroom. She watches YouTube videos with these dolls. She also earns money to purchase these dolls on her own. For a 7 year old, that’s pretty impressive!

As the caring mom that I am, I wanted to make sure she was getting a, great deal to make her dollar travel farther. I’m so proud of her for being able to save up and buy the things she wants in her little precious life.

I thought of an idea that had never occurred to me before, and maybe it’s occurred to you, but it’s genius. We bought 27 preemie diapers for under $9. The normal cost for Baby Alive diapers is about $7 for 6 of them. Yes, 6 lonely diapers for a couple dollars less. It’s crazy! We all know Pampers is super absorbent, too. This way, the baby can eat and drink as much as he or she wants. And little girl gets to stretch her dollar.

$9 @ Walmart & Target

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