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Actions > Words

In relationships, we want to trust people. We believe their words have worth. It took me years to realize love and commitment are identified through action and not words. Seems simple enough, but is it? How long do abusive relationships last? How many times do we make excuses for people because we want them in our lives?

When you care about people, don't you do things that caring people do? Respect them, their time, their feelings, and love them, maybe even do things for them? We get to a place where we start taking what they say over what they actually do. Start listening to actions. The moment we start to take a good look at what's really happening instead of ignoring all the signs, we see things differently. We can then move toward freedom. That means letting go of toxic people. It also means creating boundaries. Healthy relationships should not have us second-guessing ourselves or feeling icky or taken advantage of, or used. Relationships are give-and-take and can't be one-sided.

What are your thoughts? Is there someone you think of when you read this that makes you realize it's time for some healthy boundaries?

Share your story with us.

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